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    Caravan Service

    New 2023 Prices:

    • Standard Annual Service (Single Axle) £230.00 (Excl materials)
    • Standard Annual Service (Twin Axle) £260.00 (Excl materials)
    • Motorhome Service (habitation only) £200.00 (Excl materials)
    • Hourly Labour Rate £60.00

    (All prices are inclusive of VAT)

    Areas checked during a standard service (Single & Twin Axles)

    • Chassis
    • Suspension, Wheels, Tyres & Brakes
    • Road Vehicle Lighting
    • Gas System
    • Ventilation
    • 12 Volt Electrical System
    • 230V Electrical System
    • Water Systems
    • Damp Check
    • Internal Fixtures and Fittings
    • External Bodywork

    Damp Repair

    Caravans occasionally suffer from dampness and if the cause is not found immediately, problems can arise very quickly. 

    Damp repair work that we undertake can often be time-consuming, technical and expensive. 

    It is wise to check your caravan or have it checked for you, regularly. 

    Once the cause is found (often faulty or the breakdown of seals), the area is dried out, rotten or wet wood is replaced with new, any soiled/ruined wallboard is replaced and it is then resealed. 

    This prevents further dampness from occurring due to old faults and also helps prevent future weaknesses.

    Insurance Work

    All insurance work is undertaken, from quotations to serious accident repairs. Please phone for details.

    Tyron Fitting

    Tyron is the safest way for cars and caravans to travel. If you are unfortunate enough to have a blow-out, Tyron bands on the wheels will keep you on the road, in a straight line and help you slow down safely. Donington Caravans workshop staff are trained Tyron fitters and we would recommend them to everyone. For more details about Tyron, see the “News & Reviews” page or contact us by email or by phone. The cost of Tyron bands is £65.00 per wheel. A small price to pay for safety while towing.

    De-Laminated Floors

    If your caravan develops a soft, spongy floor then the most likely cause is that the floor is de-laminated. To solve this the floor needs to be injected with a slow-curing resin. This hardens the floor and prevents it from becoming de-laminated again. However, although unlikely to occur again, there is a possibility of the problem recurring. Prices vary depending on the size and type of flooring. Please contact us for more details.

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